Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Safe Investment Havens of India

India is the Land of Miracles and Indians are a special breed. We want Safety and Security in everything we do. In fact, up until a couple of decades before, anyone working in a Private Sector Firm was considered Crazy to risk their careers because only a Government Job was considered Safe. When it comes to Investments, our forefathers were even more cautious. Anything that did not have the Backing of the Government was not even remotely considered.

Even with all the recent developments in Technology, Education and the world of Finance, we Indians are still very reluctant to invest in the Stock Market. If we try to think about the reason for this, our Mentality and Conservative Mindset occupy the top slots. Anyways, the purpose of this book is not to analyze why our mindset is like that

In order to cater to the Conservative Investor Population, there is a whole Myriad of Investment Products available in India that is not only fully 100% safe but also gives you good returns. Most of our friends and family members would be interested in safe investment options but arent fully aware of what they are. The purpose of this book is to help you understand in great detail about these Safe Investment Havens.

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  1. Oops... But the book is no longer available.

    1. Hi Swaminathan, Thanks for pointing out. After publishing the 2nd edition of book, I had blocked out the older version and missed updating the buy link.

      The link has been updated. Check it out now.

      You can also find the list of all books available for sale here: http://anandvijayakumar.blogspot.sg/p/books-by-this-blog-author.html


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