Saturday, December 5, 2015

New Year - Special Offers on Books

Hi Friends,
   With the New Year just a few weeks away, most of us are busy thinking about our resolutions for 2016. With the start of 2016 the Tax Saving season starts too where people are scrambling through to buy LIC Policies to save income tax. Yes, even today if we talk tax saving, most of our indian citizens say - LIC Insurance Policy.. 

In order to help you understand the Indian Financial Markets as well as plan a brighter future for you & your family, the prices of all the books in this blog have been slashed heavily.. 

If you want a Free Preview of these books, do drop me an email at and I would be happy to send them to you. The preview can help you decide whether to purchase the book.

The Books:

A Laymans Guide to Insurance in India

Who this Book is for:  This Book is for everyone who would like to learn about the Insurance Sector in India as well as understand what the different types of Insurance are. This book will also help you understand how much insurance you need and  get adequately insured.

Usual Price: Rs. 399/- 

New Year 2016 - Special Offer Price: Rs. 199/- (50% Discount) 

Your Complete Guide to Indian Income Tax and Retiring as a Crorepati - 2nd Edition

Who this Book is for: This Book is for everyone who is earning an Income in India and needs to pay taxes every year. The Indian Income Tax Policies are quite complex and the Government provides us adequate avenues to reduce our Tax Liability. In this book, you will learn everything you would need to know about the Tax Policies of our country as well as use the Tax Saving options to build up a "Crorepati Retirement Portfolio". To Top it all off, I have also added the best Mutual Funds that are available in the Market Right now, for you to Invest...

Usual Price: Rs. 299/- 

New Year 2016 - Special Offer Price: Rs. 149/- (50% Discount)

Safe Investment Havens of India 

Who this Book is for: This book is for the Risk Averse Investor. India is the land of Safety and we Indians love the "Safety" aspect of our  Investment as top priority. This book will help you understand about all those fantastic safe investment options and help you choose the best option that suits you.

Usual Price: Rs. 249/- 

New Year 2016 - Special Offer Price: Rs. 125/- (50% Discount)

The Most Comprehensive Financial Guide for Women 

Who this Book is for: This Book is for the Modern Day Indian Woman who is venturing out to explore the world of Indian Finance. You can find information about almost every financial aspect of our life. Though the title says "For Women" this book would be useful for any individual who wants to understand the Financial Markets in easy to understand language.

Usual Price: Rs. 749/- 

New Year 2016 - Special Offer Price: Rs. 299/- (60% Discount)

Multi-Book Deal

If you are purchasing more than one book, you can avail an additional 20% discount on top of the prevailing discounted prices. For Ex: If you want to purchase the Womens Financial Guide and the Book on Income Tax, the Usual Price would be - Rs. 1048/- but at the prevailing discounted prices it would be just Rs. 448/- 

However, after adjusting the further 20% discount for the multi-book deal - the eventual price you pay would be just Rs. 359/- which is almost a 65% discount from the usual price. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you are interested in Purchasing these books, drop me an email @ for more information. 

Happy Investing!!!

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