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Top 50 Indian Companies

Ever wondered what the largest companies in India based on Market Capitalization are? Well, if you did, here is your answer…

But, before we begin, lets see what is Market Capitalization:

Market Capitalization is the total value of the all the outstanding shares of a company at the current market price. Let say there are 100 shares of your company in the market and each share is trading at Rs. 10, your Market Capitalization is Rs. 1000/-

When the price per share increases to Rs. 20, your Market Capitalization is Rs. 2000/-

The list below is the top 50 companies in India that are listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange based on their Market Capitalization.

A point to note here is that, being a part of this big 50 is a privilege and honor for major companies and maintaining their position is very important for them. Reliance Industries has been the No.1 company as per their Market Capitalization for quite sometime.

Trivia: After Coal India's IPO, people expected the share price to breach Rs. 500 per share and take the No.1 spot, but the long time leader Reliance Industries has kept its place. It remains to be seen, for how long it will do it!!!

The 50 Largest Companies in India

1. Reliance Industries
2. Coal India Ltd
3. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)
4. TATA Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS)
5. Infosys Technologies Ltd
6. ITC Ltd
7. State Bank of India (SBI)
8. Bharti Airtel
9. National Thermal Power Corporation of India (NTPC)
10. ICICI Bank
11. HDFC Bank
12. Wipro Ltd
13. Larsen & Toubro (L&T)
14. NMDC Ltd
15. Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC)
16. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL)
17. MMDC
18. Indian Oil Corporation
19. Hindustan Unilever
20. Adani Entertaiment
21. TATA Motors
22. Cairn India Ltd
23. Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL)
24. Jindal Steel
25. Hindustan Zinc
26. Sterlite Industries
27. GAIL
28. TATA Steel
29. Axis Bank
30. Sun Pharmaceuticals
31. Power Grid Corporation
32. Mahindra & Mahindra
33. Nestle
34. DLF Ltd
35. Bajaj Auto
36. Hero Honda
37. Hindalco
38. Maruti Suzuki
39. HCL Technologies
40. Punjab National Bank
41. Bank of Baroda
42. Reliance Power
43. Kotak Mahindra Bank
44. Mundra Port
45. Oil India Ltd
46. Siemens
47. Asian Paints
48. National Hydro-Electric Power Corporation (NHPC)
49. TATA Power
50. Ultratech Cement

Note: This is as of June 2011 and the order might change due to the movement in prices of individual stock prices. But, over all, the top 40 odd companies will seldom change. Newer companies might take up the last 5-10 slots, but the top ones are there to stay…

Company's like Unitech, GMR Infra, Idea Cellular were all part of this top 50 in the past. Because of their current price slump, they have been replaced by other companies. Given their good track record and consistent performance, they are sure to bounce back and take back their rightful place in the top 50...


  1. Hai anand r bonus and dividends are different?

  2. Hai anand what is sales turnover?

  3. Hi anand what is book value and how it is calculated?

  4. @ Anonymous:

    1. Yes - bonus and dividends are different. usually bonus is given as extra shares of the company while a dividend is usually a cash payment to the share holders

    2. Sales turnover refers to the total value of goods sold by a company. for ex: if a company sells 1000 shoes this month each worth Rs. 50/- the total sales turnover of the company is Rs. 50,000/-

    3. Book value - Refers to the net value of a company on book.

    Book Value = Net Assets of the company - Net Liabilities

  5. Hi anand what are important points to be observed while selecting stock of a company....plz try to explain me clearly...

  6. @ Anonymous

    You can find the points to be considered while choosing a stock and other topics related to stock market investing in the page dedicated for that in my blog.

    You can view it by Clicking Here

  7. Hi anand how many times dividend is declared?Whether the dividend is based on profits or loses.....I want to know when the bonus is declared....

  8. @ Anonymous

    Hi anand how many times dividend is declared? - Depends on the company. It may be as high as 4 times a year (once every quarter) or as low as 0 times in a year.

    Whether the dividend is based on profits or loses..... - Dividends are based only on profits. If a company is making losses, why will they give someone a share in their profit?

    I want to know when the bonus is declared.... - Again - this one too depends on the company. companies may declare bonuses once or twice in their existence. bonus shares are not declared regularly. its done only once in a few years.

    In all these cases, the company will declare an official news release which can be found on the company website or in any finance news website

  9. what is hindalco's position?

  10. @ Anonymous

    Hindalco is @ 53 as of last week end's market capitalization.

    It may move around between 50 to 60 unless either someone in the top 50 crashes in price or hindalco goes up heavily in price


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