Friday, September 9, 2011

Has the Indian Stock Market Recovered Already?

This is a valid question that might come up in your mind if you are someone who follows the Indian stock market regularly and you have seen the market movement over the past few weeks.

Is it true? Has the recovery started?

Actually NO. Just don't jump into that bandwagon yet. Yes, it is true that the markets have moved upwards over the past few weeks but this is Temporary and may not last long.

The worldwide economic situation is still uncertain and it's difficult to accurately predict which way the markets will move.

So, what must we do now?

Don't lose faith in the markets but dot over-invest. Don't invest in penny stocks. Invest in solid companies, blue-chips and well managed mutual funds. Keep equity exposure at around 50-60% of your net new investments at Max and keep the rest in safe instruments

Happy Investing!!!!!

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  1. Hey,
    Indian stock market is losing its shine now a days but its still not over for our NSE and BSE. Current market correction will urge many new investors to join the Indian stock market
    Its wrong to consider correction as bad for the stock market. Stock market correction is rather healthy for genuine investors.


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