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Top Mutual Fund Houses in India - Based on Assets Under Management

India has over 40 Mutual Fund Company's that have MF Schemes that are available for Purchase for Investors. As you might already know, AUM stands for Assets Under Management. It refers to the total amount of money that investors have invested, and is being managed by the Fund Management Company. For ex: If we sum up the AUM's of all the individual MF Schemes that are run by HDFC Mutual Fund, we will get the total Assets Managed by HDFC Mutual Fund.

This post is about the Top 25 Asset Management Company's in India, based on the Assets they manage in their Mutual Fund Schemes.

S.NoFund Management CompanyAssets Under Management in Lakhs (INR)
1 HDFC Mutual Fund8862802.61
2 Reliance Mutual Fund8230580.65
3 ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund6936779.24
4 Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund6037726.7
5 UTI Mutual Fund5781734
6 SBI Mutual Fund4155151.16
7 Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund3564162.94
8 DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund3056490.31
9 Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund2973805.82
10 IDFC Mutual Fund2647593.33
11 Tata Mutual Fund2147330.74
12 Sundaram Mutual Fund1477477.78
13 Deutsche Mutual Fund1331435.43
14 Religare Mutual Fund1181399.82
15 Fidelity Mutual Fund879687.03
16 Axis Mutual Fund859813.71
17 Canara Robeco Mutual Fund735603.37
18 JM Financial Mutual Fund691535.25
19 JPMorgan Mutual Fund675871.93
20 LIC NOMURA Mutual Fund622257.13
21 IDBI Mutual Fund610188.9
22 HSBC Mutual Fund489722.26
23 BNP Paribas Mutual Fund480524.14
24 L&T Mutual Fund461609.32
25 Taurus Mutual Fund459976.29

As you can see, HDFC Mutual Fund is the largest Fund Management company in India, that is managing over 88.6 Lakh Crores of Investory Money. As expected Reliance is at No. 2 and ICICI Prudential follows at No.3. These are 3 big giants of the Indian Mutual Fund Industry.

The Top 5 Fund Houses, HDFC, Reliance, ICICI, Birla Sun Life & UTI put together, manage more funds that all the other Fund Houses put together.

There are nearly 20 more MF houses that sell MF's in India. They are not included here because, they don't manage as much assets as these top 25. However, for those curious folks among us, that want to know the top 5 MF houses, that manage the least Assets (AUM) the list is as follows:

S.NoFund Management CompanyAssets Under Management in Lakhs (INR)
1 IIFL Mutual Fund2577.22
2 Bharti AXA Mutual Fund16119.76
3 Quantum Mutual Fund17329.62
4 Escorts Mutual Fund20479.82
5 Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund23213.49

To Wrap up - Do you want to know the total amount of Investor Money that is managed by these MF houses???

Rs. 6,81,70,771.66 Lakhs

In Other Words it is 6.81 Crore Lakh Rupees.

Thats a Mind Boggling Number, Isnt it???

Happy Investing!!!


  1. What is the accuracy of this data and as of what date is this?

  2. @ Deepak

    All the information above was gathered from the Internet, based on the statistics released by each of these fund houses, which is Mandatory at the end of each financial quarter. All the data above is correct as of December 31st 2011. The Next update will be released by these fund houses by end of March 2012.

  3. I think it is not difficult to know how to select a mutual fund for a better profit from the investment. Once if you are aware about choosing a mutual fund wisely, it is further easy to keep your income growing.

  4. Thank you for your valuable information. I would like to know 6.81 Crore Lakh Rupees = how much USD.

    Thank you

  5. It depends on the current exchange rate between USD and INR that varies every day.

    123,818,181,818.18 USD which is apprix 128.8 billion USD (at 55 rupees per dollar)

    calculation = 6.81*1,00,00,000*1,00,000/55 = 123.8 billion USD


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