Monday, May 26, 2014

The Most Comprehensive Financial Guide for Women

Dear Readers of this blog, I am happy to inform you that my next book titled "The Most Comprehensive Financial Guide for Women" is ready ...

The world of Finance is complicated - or at least that is what most Women think. I am usually not the one to argue with a Women (trust me, you almost always Lose) but in this case, this is not correct. This perception of risk or complexity is the key reason why women dont get involved in Finances. Some of the worlds top entrepreneurs are Women. Some of the country's top fund managers are Women. If these women could master the world of Finance, I am confident that every single one of you can master it too.

In order to Master the Finance World, what do you Need? - KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE FINANCE WORLD... Simple isnt it?

This book is my attempt at empowering you with Financial Wisdom that would help you get started on the path to "Financial Independence". The following Topics are covered in this book:

1. Banking Services - How a Bank works, The types of accounts & services they provide etc.
2. Debt Markets - Bonds & Debentures, how they work and more...
3. Equity Markets - Details of the stock market, what an equity stock is, how an IPO happens, how to evaluate a potential stock for investment, the stock markets in our country and more...
4. Mutual Funds Markets - Details on how a mutual fund works, the types of mutual funds, how to identify a good fund and more...
5. Derivatives Markets - Details on what Derivatives are, their types, how they work (with illustrations) and more
6. Commodities Market - Details on the Commodity Futures markets
7. Credit Cards - What is a credit card, how it works, how to use it effective and more
8. Life Insurance - What is life insurance, how much insurance you need, how insurance companies work, types of insurance policies, are insurance policies good as an investment and more
9. ULIPs - what is a ULIP, how it works, a real life example of how one of my friends was affected by a wrong ULIP investment choice and more
10. Investment Portfolio - what is a portfolio, the types of portfolio, sample portfolio allocations and Investing in Gold
11. Retirement Planning - What is retirement planning, why we need it, how to plan it well, EPF, EPS, Gratuity and more.
12. Planning your childrens future
13. Buying a house
14. Money Tips for todays women

I have tried to use simple language supported by - A lot of illustrations, examples and pictures that can help you understand these concepts very easily. A Preview of this book is embedded at the end of this article. Check it out.

If you looked at the list of topics covered, you may have realized that I havent covered Income Taxes in this book. That is because, I had published a book in December last year that covered the topic in great detail. As an added bonus for your purchase of this book, you can get a copy of my book titled "Your Complete Guide to Indian Income Tax and Retiring as a Crorepati" - ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

Book Price:

Price in USD: $12/- (Approx. Rs. 749)

To pay using your Credit/Debit Card and download the pdf copy instantly - Click the Buy Now button below:   

Best Wises

A Free Preview:

The Most Comprehensive Financial Guide For Women - Preview .pdf

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