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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Countries that are the Largest Consumers of Gold

The table below contains the list of Countries that were the largest consumers of Gold in the past Quarter. As expected India and China are the top two.

Sorry guys, the table is for some strange reason displayed very low on the page. Apologies for making you scroll down too much.

Jewellery Investment (Bars & Coins) Total
India 6,770 5,254 12,023
Greater China 5,400 2,637 8,036
China 5,983 2,565 7,548
Hong Kong 327 16 343
Taiwan 90 56 146
Japan 203 -383 -179
Indonesia 291 155 445
South Korea 145 34 179
Thailand 60 704 764
Vietnam 162 678 840
Middle East 2,437 327 2,764
Saudi Arabia 1,017 140 1,157
Egypt 402 21 423
United Arab Emirates 780 140 920
Other Gulf Countries 238 25 263
Turkey 843 659 1,501
Russia 818 - 818
United States of America 1,053 1,104 2,157
Italy 271 - 271
United Kingdom 211 - 211
France - 26 26
Germany - 1,096 1,096
Switzerland - 1,003 1,003
Rest of Europe - 492 492
World Total 21,428 14,899 36,327
1. All numbers in US$ Millions

Source: World Gold Council Report on Gold Demand Trends

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