Saturday, October 4, 2014

Finally Some Relief for the Indian Tax Payer

Over the past many years as a blogger, there haven’t been many articles that actually made me smile wide while writing. Well, for this one, am smiling from ear to ear because this is great news and a much needed relief to the Indian Tax Payer who is almost always unsure of what is happening..

Did this arouse your curiosity??

The purpose of this article is to help you understand a recent development that would work out as a great boon to every Indian tax payer. Read on to find out more…

So, what is this great news?

A New and Enhanced Tax Website

Yes, you read it right. The Income Tax Department of India has revamped and launched a revamped or should I say an Enhanced version of the Income Tax Website.

Dint We Have a Indian Income Tax Website?

Ha ha, that is a great question. 

Yes, we did have a website but sadly the website was more like a site where you can find info about what is indian income tax, how to calculate taxes and so on. Not much info was available for a tax payer. For ex: If I filed my taxes this month and want to check if the processing is complete, I would have to visit my prayer room and pray hard because only GOD knows the status…

So, what are the features/functions a Tax Payer can do – On this Website?

Most of the online tax related activites can be performed using this new website. They include:
  1. Filing Tax Returns
  2. Review Status of your Tax Return Filing
  3. Apply for a PAN Card
  4. And MORE!!!

The website will also send out notifications, circulars and even intimations to the tax payer. Doesn’t this sound cool?

So, what is this website?

Some Last Words

Dear Friends – This website is newly revamped and is still very very new. So, it might take a few months or even years until the website is fully usable and beneficial to the tax payers. But, personally I feel that this is a good start and a step in the right direction. As an NRI who works in Singapore, the Singapore Tax Portal is exceptional and I cannot explain how useful such a website is. But, honestly speaking the website is more than a decade old and during its initial stages it was definitely not as useful as it is now.

So, this is a good start and lets hope this is a sign of great things to come!!!

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